Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition

Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of Holy Ghost features the entire film, plus hours of extra footage and interviews not included in the film. For people who want to go deeper into the events and themes of the film, as well as those who want a peek behind the scenes.

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Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition

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  • Holy Ghost (5.1 Audio)

  • Holy Ghost Trailer (5.1 Audio)

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition Trailer

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - Salt Lake City

    Go behind the scenes on our Holy Ghost film shoot in Salt Lake City! You'll get extra background on some of the scenes in the film as well as brand new scenes with the crew, Will Hart, Jamie Galloway, and even our Kickstarter Backers processing their encounters and ministering to people on the st...

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - Monaco

    You'll see more interviews with Todd White, and bonus footage from the Holy Ghost film shoot in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The film crew joins Darren and Todd White for pranks and God-adventures alike.

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - The Korn Concert

    The Holy Ghost shoot at the Korn concert simply provided too much great footage to fit in the film. We included the rest in this Deluxe Edition feature, where you'll join Brian "Head" Welch and Fieldy from Korn and Todd White in two spectacular Holy Spirit encounters, and catch the beginnings and...

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - India

    Darren takes you behind the scenes of our shoot in the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world along with the crew, Jake Hamilton, and Mark Marx where you'll get more insight and background on what happened in the film, as well as spot some trained cobras and pythons, and possibly even se...

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - The Temple

    See extra footage and interviews with Mark Marx and Jake Hamilton surrounding the final scene of the film with Ramesh where Jake openly praises God on the steps of a Hindu temple in the heart of Varanasi.

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - On The Road with the Holy Ghost Crew

    By far the funniest section of the Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition, you'll see the lighter side of the Holy Ghost crew, R.T. Kendall, Brian "Head" Welch, Michael W. Smith, DeVon Franklin, Banning Liebscher, Brian & Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Kim Walker-Smith, and William P. Young. Last, but not least...

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - An Afternoon with My Dad

    Here's your chance to receive pure wisdom from the father of the Director of Holy Ghost! Gary Wilson has taught art and creativity for 45 years and we caught him in his studio as he teaches about using art as parables, the problem of superficial Christian art, the role of the artist, art as praye...

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - Creativity & The Holy Spirit

    This segment of the Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition is for anyone who ever has to create something new. Hear from a variety of creative experts and teachers including Gary Wilson (artist/professor), William P. Young (author of "The Shack"), Michael W. Smith (singer/songwriter), Phil Vischer (creator of...

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - Hearing the Holy Spirit

    William P. Young, Chad Norris, Bill Johnson, Che Ahn, Bishop Joseph Garlington, Banning Liebscher, and Kim Walker-Smith share their experiences on how God speaks to His children, and how anyone can come to discern God’s voice from our own thoughts and the voice of the enemy. Whether you’re curiou...

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - Holy Spirit Encounters

    Take a look into their most profound Holy Spirit experiences straight from the mouths of Meredith Andrews (singer/songwriter), Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales), Jeremy Riddle (singer/songwriter), Aaron Niequist (worship leader), Brian & Jenn Johnson (preisdents of Bethel Music), Gary Wilson...

  • Holy Ghost Deluxe Edition - Storytime

    Let us tell you a story.... These stories are so engaging, you won't be able to stop watching. You'll hear from some amazing storytellers, including William P. Young (author of "The Shack"), DeVon Franklin (former SVP Columbia/TriStar Productions), Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales), Brian "He...